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  • What is a Science or Social Studies Project?

    A science or social studies project begins by asking a question and then uses 5 steps called the scientific method to discover an answer. The term Scientific Method sounds pretty complicated but it is actually 5 simple ideas that scientists use to solve problems:

    1.      What I wonder (Question)

    2.      What I think (Hypothesis)

    3.      What I did (Experiment/Research)

    4.      What I found (Results)

    5.      What I learned (conclusions)

    Where do I begin?


    1. Who do I want to work with? There are two options: Individual or Partner
    2. What category do I want to do a project in?
    3. Pick your project and a title.


    Start by…….

    • Choose a topic, issue, or problem to investigate.
    • Form a Question.
    • Start a journal to keep all your notes and research.
    • Begin research using the library, internet, books, magazines, personal interviews with experts. Don't forget you MUST keep tract of all the places you get your information from for your bibliography. 


    • From your research, decide how to set up an investigation, including the procedure and necessary materials.
    • Complete any additional research and set up outline for report.
    • Start your experiment or create your invention.
    • Record observations in your journal.
    • Begin collecting or buying materials for your display and start work on any models, props, or visual aids for your display.


    • Ask Yourself - What Did I Do and What Did I Find?
    • Continue to record observations from your experiment or invention in your journal.
    • Work on first draft of report.
    • Write down or sketch preliminary designs for your display.
    • Write text for background of display.
    • Take any photos needed and have them printed. (Remember You should not see your face in the photos)
    • Complete your experiment.
    • Analyze observations and write up your results.

      Finishing Up…...

    • Ask Yourself - What Did I Learn?)
    • Write and proofread final version of your project.
    • Finish constructing your display, including any graphs, charts, and visual aids.
    • Practice presenting to the judges, you can have notecards if you think you might need them.


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