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Welcome to the Berkeley County Schools Pre-K Program

Welcome to the
Berkeley County Schools Pre-K Programs
First Day of Pre-K      August 24, 2016
School/ Site Child Will Attend      Dates and Times
Back Creek Valley                 August 19th    6:00pm 
Berkeley Heights 3                August 17th   9:00am
Berkeley Heights 4                August 17th   11:00am
Berkeley Heights 5                August 17th   1:00pm
Berkeley Heights 1                August 18th   9:00am
Berkeley Heights 2                August 18th 11:00am
Berkeley Heights 6                August 18th   1:00am 
Hedgesville Center                August 12th   11:00am 
Hedgesville Elementary         August 19th   6:00-8:00pm 
IFWC 1                                  August 15th   Room 1--9:00am 
IFWC 2                                  August 15th Room 2--10:30am 
James Rumsey                       August 12th   9:00am 
Little Eagle                           August 23rd   3:00-5:00pm 
Marlowe Elementary              August 23rd   1:00-5:00pm by appointment only.
                                            Teachers will contact the parents to set a time. 
Marlowe Head Start 1            August 18th 9:00am
Marlowe Head Start 2            August 18th 10:30am 
Mill Creek Pre-K                    August 17th   6:00 Last name A-L; 7:00 Last name M-Z 
Opequon Elementary             August 22nd  6:00pm--Please come to the back of the building
Pikeside Learning Center       August 22nd  5:00pm Last name A-L;  6:00pm  Last name M-Z
Pikeside Learning Center       August 23rd   1:00pm Last name A-L;  2:00pm  Last name M-Z 
Spring Mills Primary               August 11   Room 1--9am-10am
Spring Mills Primary               August 11   Room 2--10:30am-11:30am
St. Joe's Daycare                   August 23rd   9:00am and 1:00pm Parents sign up at the daycare 
St. Leo's                                August 15th   11:30am
VA Center                             August 19th 4:00pm 
Winchester Ave                     August 19th   6:00pm 
***Continually updated as times and dates are received
Packets are available to be printed off and completed.  The complete packet is Bullets #2-5 to the left.  Please call 304-267-3555 for an appointment.
Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is by appointment only. Please call 304-267-3555.  All paperwork must be completed and brought with you to the appointment.  Children are not required at registration.
Physical and Dental forms are available in the bullets to the left for the 2016-2017 school year.  These must be filled out and signed by the physician and dentist.  Scheduled appointment dates will be taken in place of the forms for the doctor and dentist appointments that are later than the March 2016 registration window. 
Contact Information:  3635 Winchester Avenue Martinsburg, WV  25405
Phone:   304.267.3555
Fax:      304.267.3557
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