Mrs. Tammy Potter



Degrees and Certifications:

I attended Stuttgart American High School in Germany and then graduated from Hedgesville High School in 1990. BS Elementary Education K-8, Science 5-8 West Virginia University,MS Elementary Education K-8 West Virginia University

Mrs. Tammy Potter

About Me:
I am an Army brat (born in Belgium) and I moved around a lot when I was in  school.  Because of this, I love languages and learning about other cultures.  I know some French, German, and Dutch. 
I am married with two children who both attend Hedgesville High School.  My daughter Cady is a sophomore and my son Jordan is a senior. They are both my favorites.
I have been teaching since 1994.  When I first started my teaching career, I taught preschool for two years before discovering that I really loved kindergarten.  I have been teaching kindergarten ever since!  My husband was a Borders/Waldenbooks manager for years, so he got me lots of books for my classroom.  Now he's an office manager at a dentist office, so he gets me toothbrushes for my classroom.  :)  We have no fuzzy pets because we are all allergic.
I like crafts and keeping my hands busy.  I like crocheting and I'm able to knit (a little).  I can't just sit and watch a show on television without having something else to do.  I like to read as well.   I play World of Warcraft in my free time.   I like contemporary Christian music.  I like to go fossil hunting.
I especially like cookbooks.  I have Celiac Disease, which means I am on a gluten free diet.  I'm always looking for new recipes to try.  I spend way too much time on Pinterest pinning gluten free recipes that I never seem to have time to make. 
When I was little, I wanted to be an archaeologist or a paleontologist.  I also wanted to be a teacher.  I still would like to go dig up dinosaur bones, if anyone wants to take me along on an expedition. 
Things I like:  being left-handed, travel, Chipotle, fall, turtles, the color yellow, Thanksgiving, my church, the sound leaves make in the fall when you crunch them, watching squirrels play at my bird feeder, listening to funny stories that little kids tell me, going grocery shopping, watching my daughter dance, listening to my kids playing their instruments, a cup of coffee in the morning, popping bubbles on bubble wrap, helping my mom with her garden, trying to fix things, the baby sheep at the farm on Ridge Road.  
Things I don't like:  crickets (yuck), clothes with tags that say "hand wash only," really hot weather, long division (none of that in kindergarten!), lima beans.
I am on our county's Reading Focus committee and also the Kindergarten Steering Committee.