Mr. Collier / Science Teacher, 7th Grade



Degrees and Certifications:

West Virginia University, Master’s Degree in Education with a Science Specialization in 2012.

Mr. Collier / Science Teacher, 7th Grade

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA., home of the 2016 and 201,7 back to back, Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins

This is my sixth year teaching.  All six years have been at Hedgesville Middle as the science teacher on Team M.

I am married to my wife of nine years, Cat Collier.  We have no children, but our house is a zoo.  We have three iguanas (Kasper, Jordan and Fighter Pilot), 2 bearded dragons (Orla and Tut), a Savannah Monitor (Django), a blue tongued skink (Jesus), a hedgehog (Monty) and a pigeon (Pidge).  This list does not include the 5 animals (2 ball pythons, a bearded dragon and 2 turtles) that call my classroom home.

Why did I become a teacher? I became a teacher because of the amazing teachers that I had growing up, John Aloi, Tom McKenzie, and Dr. Gwen Rosenbluth.  They saw something special in me and believed in me even when I did not.  What they did for me, I still hold dear and teach so that I can hopefully touch a life the way they did for me.

The most influential people in my life are my wife and my grandfather.  My wife’s tireless support continues to make me a better person.  My grandfather was the person that taught me how to be a man.

One thing I hope my students learn in my class is that science is every where, stop and enjoy it.

My classroom philosophy is “I give you my best every day, as long as you do the same for me, YOU WILL NOT FAIL.”


Sport- Ice hockey                              Scientist- Tyco Brahe

Team- Pittsburgh Penguins                 Field of Science- Chemistry

Favorite player- Mario Lemieux           Hobby- Model Rockets

Book- A prayer for Owen Meany         TV Show- Impractical Jokers

Movie- Pulp Fiction