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  • Vision & Mission

    • Vision: At HHS we believe that all children can learn and a high quality of classroom instruction with Accountability, Integrity, and Respect will maximize achievement and success for all students. 

      We are "Changing Lives and Building Futures" through emotional, social, and educational enrichment and learning. Every student that walks through the door is unique and presents different challenges that make this school so diverse and rich with thoughts, ideas and people who can shape the lives of others around them. 

      We are all part of the education of these students as parents, community members, teachers, and peers. We need to work together to create the best possible opportunities and allow the students to grow, develop, and become the best possible version of themselves with ample opportunities for success in the future. 


      Mission: Hedgesville High School's mission is to provide a safe and caring environment that nurtures our students' social emotional well-being while encouraging all students to perform at their highest level of academic success. We are committed to preparing each student for the road ahead and giving them skills that will allow them to be successful inschool but also in life after HHS.