• Hello from Book Mama, Mrs. Busey!!!  I love serving as your Library Media Specialist here at Mountain Ridge Middle School!  If you still have questions about our library after reading this page, please contact me at dbusey@k12.wv.us.  


     When is the library open?

    • Library Hours: M-F 7:05-7:26

    • Sometimes during lunches- it depends on whether or not Mrs. Busey is teaching classes.


     How many books can I check out? 

    • You may check out up to two books.


    When will my books be due?

    • They are due 3 weeks after you check out your book.


    Where do I return my books?

    • Return your books through the slot in the middle of the circulation desk.  Return them anytime during the day!


    What happens if my books are late? (overdue)

    • If your book is overdue, return it in the slot in the middle of the circulation desk.  If I have to contact you to bring back an overdue book, I will make a phone call home if you do not return the book the next day.  If the book is still not returned, you may receive lunch detention.


    Will I come to the library during the day?

    • Of course!  You will come to the library in various classes for various reasons.  Your teachers will schedule use of the library when needed.  I hope to see you lots throughout the year!! 


    How can I find a book I'm looking for?

    • We have an online catalog (search) that can be accessed over the Internet at home or at school. Please see the "library catalog search" on our main school webpage.  I have placed links to many other helpful resources for your family to use for research and homework assignements.


    Do we have E books?  

    • In addition to the books and magazines here in the library, Berkeley County Schools offers electronic books (e books) for our families to use. Students will be trained on locating and downloading these during library classes.  Check the library tab of our school website for directions.  E books may be downloaded and read on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


    Will our school have a book fairs?

    • Yes!  We will have two books fairs during the school year.  You will come to the book fair during your social studies class.