Berkeley County Schools is now using SecureVolunteer

  • Berkeley County Schools is now using SecureVolunteer to process background checks for volunteers. SecureVolunteer is a completely web-based/paperless system.  BIB takes personal data security and privacy very seriously and has instituted safeguards to protect personal data. You will receive e-mails from when you submit your information to SecureVolunteerAND when your background check has been completed. Thank you for volunteering for Berkeley County Schools. You are appreciated.  

Procedures for Volunteers & Chaperones

  • Thank you for your willingness to work as a volunteer chaperone in the Berkeley County Schools. Schooldistrict procedure requires that individuals serving as chaperones for all overnight field trips and some daytime activitiesmust have must have Level 1 approval, which requires a criminal background screening. To apply for Level1approval, volunteers must first apply online via Berkeley County Schools’ volunteer registration system (Secure Volunteer).

    Registrations are processed in 3-5 days, sometimes longer at the beginning of the school year and then must be submitted to the Berkeley County Board of Education for approval. Once approved, the volunteer’s name will appearon the Level 1 Approved Volunteer list at the school(s) for which they registered.

    Approved Level 1 Volunteers can have direct authority over students on field trips, sports trips, etc.

    • Approved at Level 1 Volunteers. The volunteer’s name will appear on the Approved Level 1 Volunteer list at the school(s) for which they registered. Approved Level 1 Volunteers will receive written notice when approved along with an identification card. The card will be valid for two (2) calendar years. Volunteers not approved for Level 1 will be contacted if there is a problem with the background check by the authorized vendor with a copy of the background results along with instructions for disputing the background results.
    • Berkeley County Schools’ Employees Serving as volunteers. When a school-district employee (professional or service) serves as a volunteer and not as an employee, the employee will be considered as an Approved Level 1 Volunteer.
    • Other West Virginia school district personnel as volunteers. When a volunteer hold a West Virginia Teaching/Administrative/Student Support certificate, the volunteer will be considered as an Approved Level 1 Volunteer. Other school district personnel must submit background results to the Berkeley County Schools’ Department of Human Resources.

    Level 2 Volunteers will be those who haven’t had the background check, but can still participate as a chaperone as long as an Approved Level 1 Chaperone or teacher/coach is assigned to the same group.

    Volunteers transporting students in their personal automobile must be an Approved Level 1 Volunteer and submit proof of a valid driver’s license and proof of adequate valid insurance, to be maintained on file at the school office.

    All volunteers and chaperones are still required to be approved by the Berkeley County Board of Education and complete the necessary harassment training.

    Chaperones attending field trips must meet the following criteria:

    • All volunteer field trip chaperones must be approved by the Berkeley County Board of Education and must be 21 years of age or older for all field trips.
    • All volunteer chaperones for overnight field trips must pass Level 1 screening, which requires a background check. Principals, at their discretion, may require screening for some day trips that have limited school staff supervision.
    • Approved Level 1 Volunteer(s) may be given priority in chaperoning school field trips.


    • Please be advised that the background costs are non-refundable if not approved as a volunteer.
    • All volunteers must present a current photo ID at the school. Acceptable forms of ID include the following: state or federally issued driver license, state ID, military ID, or alien registration cardwith photo. Expired photo ID cards are not accepted. Approved Level 1 volunteers must also wear his or her badge at all times while volunteering.
    • Volunteers must apply to be an approved Level 1 Volunteer at least 3 weeks prior to the date the school needs proof of the approval.
    • Volunteers must reactivate their Level 1 approval every two years.
    • For questions regarding school district volunteer requirements, call 304.267.3500

    To apply online to be an Approved Level 1 Volunteer click on the Secure Volunteer logo at

    The background processing fee to for the Secure Volunteer Background check is $19.95.