27th Annual Berkeley County Schools Scholarship Pageant

2018 Courts of Honor

Peyton Snyder (4th); Justine Minnick (2nd); Ava Kithcart (Queen); Peyton Henry (1st); Isabella Jacot (3rd);  Dr. Darin Gilpin

2018 Tiny Miss and Court

  • Kylie Haines (4th); Ava Hoffmann (2nd); Stormi Roach (Queen); Kenzie Edwards (1st); Shelby Busey (3rd) Michelle Barnes-Russell, Board of Education
Nevaeh Nesmith (4th); Jessica Broadwater (2nd); Reghan Miller (Queen); Jillian Timberlake (1st); Kristen Flinn (3rd); Manny A

2018 Junior Miss and Court

  • Malaya Chhouk (5th); Kriya Kooken (3rd); Kristen Flinn (1st); Jessica Broadwater (Queen); Nevaeh Nesmith (2nd); Amy Miller (4th) Manny Arvon, Superintendent, Berkeley County Schools
Delaney Seeders (4th); Samantha Mallow (2nd); Vaylee Olack (Queen); Ashlyn Weatherholtz (1st); Alexandra Conner (4th); Todd B

2018 Little Miss and Court

  • Cheyanne Minnick (4th); Ava Facundus (2nd); Ashlyn Weatherholtz (Queen); Samantha Mallow (1st); Keira Foltz (3rd) Patrick Murphy, Board of Education
Jaelyn Wratchford (4th); Lauren Sandy (2nd); Emily Rudy (Queen); Elizabeth Sperry (1st); Rebekah Chrisman (3rd); Dr. Queen

2018 Miss and Court

  • Lauren Sandy (4th); Shelby Silveous (2nd); Sabrina Harrison (Queen); Elizabeth Sperry (1st); Eulalia Castan (3rd) Patrick Murphy, Board of Education