• Dual Enrollment Opportunities


    Most college courses can count as dual credit classes. Dual credit classes give both high school and college credits. Some college courses can count as required high school credits. Others will count as electives.

    Check with your school counselor to determine if courses will count as required or elective credits.

    Failure of college course(s) can affect graduation requirements.
    Students must confer with their school counselor during scheduling about taking college courses for high school credit.

    College courses must be pre-arranged with the school counselor to count for high school credit.

    Ready to get started with Dual Credit?

    Step 1: Review the various dual enrollment opportunities below (Options are not limited to the school listed).

    Step 2: Inform your school counselor of the college program/course you wish to take. 

    Step 3: Complete the necessary steps below to sign up for the course/program through the college.

    Step 4: Determine if you wish to receive high school credit (dual credit) for the college course or college credit only, complete the 
    Dual Credit Contract, and return it to your school counselor before the college course/program begins.

    Step 5: (Optional) Seniors have the option of being exempt from a portion of their school day if taking college courses.  If this is desired, please complete this Request for Exemption from a Full Day of School form and discuss with your school counselor.

    *Want to learn more?  Check out our Dual Enrollment Overview Flier*