• Name Poster - An Introduction to "Personal Voice"

    On a piece of 11 x14 colored poster board, create a NAME POSTER by following these instruct ions:


    1. Measure the same distance from each side and draw a rectangle in the middle of your page.
    2. Display your first name, last name, or another name which people call you at school. inside the rectangle. Be creative in your display. using an image that says something distinctive about your personality. You can fashion the letters of your name in any way that you choose. as long as others will be able to read them, but write only ONE of your names in the rectangle. Ideas for the name display: comic strip paper, glitter. foil, fabric, wrapping paper, paint, markers or pencils, crayons. pictures from magazines,
    3. In the space around your name display. write an explanation. a story. or a description of yourself. Fill up the entire space around the name display. You can divide it into four sections, you can wind your words around and around the page, or you can place the words another way; just be sure to fill up the


    Be prepared to briefly tell the class about your poster on the due date. The posters will then be hung in the room for a few weeks. Your grade will be based on effort and creativity.

    9 H Summer Assign Poster

    This is a chance for you to show your creativity and tell us about yourself.  The most important thing is to follow the directions!!! This is due one week after school starts!  Please email your individual teacher if you have questions. Email addresses can be found under teachers on the SMHS website. Have a great summer!  See you in August.