• Eagle School Intermediate

    School Counseling Program

    We are very excited to be working at Eagle School as your school counselors. Our school counseling program is designed to enhance the services offered by the classroom teacher and to provide each student with the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Please free to contact us anytime you feel we can be of assistance with difficulties your child may be experiencing. Our door is always open to help meet your needs.
    Ms. Stephanie Schminkey, School Counselor
    Mr. Jeff Scheifla, School Counselor

    Eagle School Counseling 

    Vision and Mission Statement 



    The counseling office at Eagle School Intermediate concurs with the vision of Eagle School: to provide and excellent educational experience for all of our students.  The counselors play a key role in creating a safe and respectful environment so students can have the best educational experience possible. 



    The mission of the Eagle School counseling office is to promote the County and Eagle School's mission of "AIR High Five."  Through individual and group counseling, class lessons, school wide prevention programs, collaborating and consulting with other educators and community resources, the counselor reinforces: 

    A=Accountability, we are accountable for helping to create a respectful learning environment. 

    I=Integrity, we are show integrity to students, staff and families by modeling the behaviors we expect and with follow through on supports needed. 

    R=Respect, it's everything that we teach and model to our students! 

    We further help with this by being in line with our school's mission of "high five"   

    F=Feeling Safe, we believe this is key to all students being able to learn and achieve. 

    I=Inspired to Learn, we help students connect what they are doing today to their goals for the future. 

    V=Valued as a Person, we model this through counseling and reinforce in our classroom lessons that everyone is a valuable member of this school community. 

    E=Excellence in All We Do, we model as well as encourage our students to give their best each day. 



    Image result for PTA Clothing Room Berkeley County          PTA Clothing Room

    Berkeley County PTA Clothing Room (446 Eagle School Road) has gently-worn coats and clothes in all sizes, Pre K-12th grade. Shoe vouchers are available as well. Please contact Mrs. Schminkey, school counselor, for an application for this service. 

Eagle School will celebrate this starting October 18th with a visit from the Issac Joseph Band.

    Schools throughout the nation recognize the last week of October as Red Ribbon Week to promote a safe and healthy drug free lifestyle.  With the growing concerns regarding drug abuse in Berkeley County, Eagle School recognizes the importance of this message.  

    This year we will kick the week off a little early with a performance from the Isaac Joseph Band who will focus and inspire us to make positive choices and follow our 7 Habits of Happy Kids

    During the week students will be given red ribbons to wear.  The ribbons will serve as a reminder of the importance of their choices. They will also focus on healthy choices during their Olweus meetings this week.   

    Helping students make healthy choices is not a one-time conversation or event.  It truly is a team effort with all caring adults in their life to continue to have these discussions as they are growing older.  Children of parents who talk to them about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't.  If you would like help or resources to talk with your child feel free to contact Eagle School counselors. 


     A Few Highlights Of Our Visit From The Isaac Joseph Band!!  



    Isaac Joseph Band            Isaac Joseph Band      Isaac Joseph Band

    Isaac Joseph Band

    "I am responsible for the best of me.  I am responsible for ALL of me.  I am responsible for my destiny.  I am, I am, I am."


  • Martin's A+ School Rewards  Eagle School #20225



    Eagle School Intermediate has the opportunity to participate in and earn CASH from A+ School Rewards, a great fundraising program run through our local Martin's!

    You do NOT need to re-register your card if your school selection remains the same this year.

    To participate:

    Visit Martins Foods and select Savings and Rewards.  Follow the prompts to create your online account.  You'll need your 11-digit BonusCard number and School ID#  Eagle School is #20225.

    If you don't know your Bonuscard number call 1-888-562-7846 and select option #1.

    To earn points:

    • Use your registered Bonuscard each time you shop at Martins, and you will earn CASH for our school.  You can track the number of points you are earning for our school by checking your grocery receipt.
    • At the end of the month, your points are calculated and converted to CASH rewards.  These CASH rewards for our school are updated monthly.  You can track our progress when you sign in to your online account.
    • Our school will receive one CASH awards check at the end of the program and can use this cash for any of our educational needs.

    Please encourage friends and family members to support our school.  This could result in more CASH REWARDS!

    Thank you for supporting us!