Vision and Mission Statement




    The counseling office at Eagle School Intermediate concurs with the vision of Eagle School: to provide an excellent educational experience for all of our students.  The counselors play a key role in creating a safe and respectful environment so students can have the best educational experience possible. 



    The mission of the Eagle School counseling office is to promote the County and Eagle School's mission of "AIR High Five."  Through individual and group counseling, class lessons, school wide prevention programs, collaborating and consulting with other educators and community resources, the counselor reinforces: 

    A=Accountability, we are accountable for helping to create a respectful learning environment. 

    I=Integrity, we show integrity to students, staff and families by modeling the behaviors we expect and with follow through on supports needed. 

    R=Respect, it's everything that we teach and model to our students! 

    We further help with this by being in line with our school's mission of "high five"   

    F=Feeling Safe, we believe this is key to all students being able to learn and achieve. 

    I=Inspired to Learn, we help students connect what they are doing today to their goals for the future. 

    V=Valued as a Person, we model this through counseling and reinforce in our classroom lessons that everyone is a valuable member of this school community. 

    E=Excellence in All We Do, we model as well as encourage our students to give their best each day.