Strategic Plan - Priorities for College & Career Readiness

  • Our Strategic Plan is comprised of the vision, mission, values, strategic directions and goals for Berkeley County Schools. A dynamic and active document, the Strategic Plan guides decision-making at the school and District levels. Annually, our Strategic Plan is developed and approved with the goals acting as the driving force of the District with all other plans, resources, programs and initiatives.

    Input into the Strategic Plan includes analysis of student, school and District performance, a review of progress on last year’s Strategic Plan, requirements of state and federal legislation, and recommendations from District and school staff, focus groups, partners, stakeholders and research.

    Our Strategic Plan is for all of us as it is designed to bring together the most important efforts that define our success. Our intent is that everyone in the District understands the Strategic Plan, finds their role in the plan and works to accomplish the goals of the plan in order to achieve our vision of 100 percent student success.

Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs

  • VISION - Berkeley County Schools will provide Educational Excellence for all.

    MISSION - Berkeley County Schools will provide a county-wide system of education that ensures all students graduate from high school prepared for success in high-quality post-secondary opportunities in college and/or careers.


    • We believe we are Accountable for the learning of every student.
    • We believe in achieving with Integrity.
    • We believe Respect for self, others, and school creates a safe environment for learning.

Priorities for College & Career Readiness in Berkeley County Schools

Strategic Plan College and Career Readiness goals
Strategic Plan Priorities - PreK - 12 School Readiness, Content Knowledge & Career Exploration, Career & College Preparation

2018 - 19 Strategic Plan - Priorities for College & Career Readiness