Berkeley County Schools' WV Virtual School Pathway

  • What is a "WVVS pathway"?

    *This is not the Berkeley County "Click" option, which is direct (face to face), daily instruction from a Berkeley County teacher.  

    The WVVS pathway is an alternative learning program and there is a limited number of positions.  We will consider a limited number of students second semester.  Students participating in the virtual pathway take classes online outside of the school setting. The classes are not direct instruction, rather they are using a learning platform where the student reads to learn. To be a successful member of the WVVS, a student needs to be an independent, self-motivated learner. A WVVS student should also have good technological and communication skills. For students in grades K - 5, there will be a high level of caregiver involvement in order for the student to be successful.     

    These students are considered Berkeley County School students, would earn credits towards graduation and would be able to participate in school activities, if eligible.  Some of the activities in which virtual pathway students can participate are as follows: picture day, field days, plays, dances, sports, clubs, and other activities the same as students who attend school each day.  There is no cost to participate.  Families would need to have reliable access to the internet to participate. 

    Enrollment for the spring semester of the WVVS in Berkeley County is closed. Please contact your child's school to see about other options for this school year. There will be a limited number of spaces avalable second semester. If you have already submitted your request, we will be contacting you in late December and early January about whether you will be in the WVVS pathway for the second semester. 

    If you have any questions, please email Holly Branch.

Tutoring & Proctoring

  • For fall 2020-21, there will be NO test proctoring!


    The final exams in ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE, and SOCIAL STUDIES will be open for students on January 13-15, 2021. 

    These are the only 3 days these exams will be open.

    If you want to take it earlier, contact Holly Branch and your teacher to coordinate a date(s).  They will need at least a week's notice.  


    Tutoring is available virtually through Berkeley County Schools.  It is available for Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies Monday - Thursday from 5 - 7 pm. See the tutoring link provided in the shortcuts section.

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