•  Youth Safety at Summer Jobs- U.S. Department of Labor

    Our website: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/youthrules.  #AskBeforeTheTask #MySafeSummerJob

    o    When and Where is Your Teen Allowed to Work

    o    Are Your Teen Workers Taking Out the Cardboard or Trash?

    o    We’re Not Kidding Around: What Grocery Store Operators should know about child labor requirements

    o    What Construction Contractors Should Know About Child Labor Requirements

    ·     Fact Sheet: Internship Programs Under the FLSA: Provides general information to help determine whether interns and students working for “for-profit” employers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay under the FLSA.

    ·     Know Your Rights Videos: This video series in English and Spanish provides young workers with useful basic information in different scenarios that workers encounter in the workplace. They include information on federal minimum wage, overtime, and compensable work time.

    ·     Presentations

    o    Child Labor Presentation for Teens (PowerPoint)

    ·     Public Service Announcements: Encourage your local radio stations (or your school’s announcement system) to air these child labor public service announcements. One announcement is for non-agricultural work and the other is for agricultural work. Both announcements are also available in Spanish.

    ·     RecordKeeper: A calendar to track your hours and help you understand your overtime rate.

    ·     Work Hours Calendar: A calendar to track your work hours.

    o    Spanish Version

    ·     Youth Employment FAQs for School-Based Vocational Education Programs: Learn about school-Based Vocational Education Programs in Secondary Education.

    ·     Youth Employment Guide: A guide for teens to learn about where they can and cannot work, both in agricultural and non-agricultural jobs. Fits in a 3-ring binder.  Order a hard copy of the Guide by selecting publication # WH1005 from our publication ordering system.

    First2 Network- Class of 2022 Opportunity

    Students are provided 2 weeks room and board, some entertainment, introductions to faculty, tours, research and $ 600.  This opportunity is through Marshall’s partnership with the First2 Network (First2) program which is headed by Dr. Mike Norton. Additionally, a flier is attached to help distribute.  Below is more information:

    The First2 Network is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for current high school seniors who are first-generation college students or other underrepresented students who are majoring in STEM and getting ready to start their first year of college next fall. We are seeking rising freshmen who will be enrolled in a West Virginia community college, or a 4-year college in the fall of 2022, to join a program designed to support rural, first-generation students majoring in STEM fields.  Please share this information with first generation and/or under-represented Marshall-bound HHS seniors who will be STEM majors whom you think might be interested. 

    First2 is an incredible opportunity for students, a great follow-up program with experiences like the Science Olympiad. Students who participate spend two 24/7 weeks (July 17 – July 29, 2022) at Marshall University working closely with Marshall faculty and First2 peer mentors in areas like:

      *   Chemistry (Nanotechnology applications of DNA)

      *   Biology (Bone growth) and

      *   Physics/Engineering (Physical processes in DNA purification)

    These topics may change depending on student interest and motivation.

    First2 students continue to meet during their freshmen and sophomore years and have opportunities for lab experience and paid internships. The students I work with at Marshall who have participated in the program absolutely love it. The program is funded by a grant and there is no cost to the students. First2 is a grassroots effort in West Virginia that aims to improve the college enrollment rate and success of undergraduate STEM students, with emphasis on rural first-generation students through their “first 2” years of college.

    For Marshall, this is a retention effort. Nationally, 50% of the students who start out with a STEM major, change that major or drop out of college during the “first 2” years of their post-secondary education, and the statistic is worse for first generation students. Here in West Virginia, we have a lot of first-generation college students. First2’s goals include understanding the obstacles that face first gen STEM students and changing the systems that produce these obstacles. Immersing students in research the summer before they start college has been shown to have a positive effect of students’ views of themselves as future STEM professionals.

    The person to contact at Marshall is Dr. Mike Norton.  If students have any interest or questions about the program, please encourage them to contact Dr. Norton (norton@marshall.edu) as soon as possible and also please encourage them to apply.


    Summer Group, through Simms Health

    Body-Based Mindfulness, 6/30-8/4 

    Summer Groups Flier


    Culligan logo

     Seniors: Culligan Water is looking for service technicians! Want to learn a trade?



    HS Navigator

    HS Navigator was formed by High school students and has gained acclaim from a variety of media outlets, including CBS NewsNJ 101.5 Radio, and numerous high school counseling pages.

    Registration for our FREE 2022 Summer Young Scholar Program is now open, and this year's program will address not only computer science but also career opportunities in healthcare and other fields. In the registration form, we'll collect a list of topics that students are interested in, and we'll do our best to include as many as feasible in the program. Current students from Several Universities will also join to share their experiences about campus, their majors and answer any participant questions.

    Last year, over 250 students from across the country enrolled in the program, and all recordings are available on our website. Beginning July 10 through August 7, 2022, all sessions will be held online and only on Weekends for 4-6 Hours ( 2-3 hrs. on each weekend day during the afternoon). The program is completely free and has no restriction on any income or GPA or any other categories. The only requirement is that the program is for Middle or high school students. Our preference is for Rising 8th Grade or higher. Our brochure is available on the registration page.

    We are also sharing a monthly newsletter where some more free open opportunities are shared and can help the students. We'll be releasing several exciting new features this summer to provide subscribed high school counselors with a variety of useful tools. There are no fees for utilizing any of the features on our websites because they are all run by students who want to serve their peers.


    HS Navigator Team

    BCS Summer Sole Student Workers 2022

    Job Description:
    Student workers will be providing support to building administration, classroom teachers in
    assigned school.
    Valley View Elementary (PreK-2); Mountain Ridge Intermediate (3 -5)
    Opequon Elementary (PreK-2); Eagle School Intermediate (3-5)
    Hedgesville Elementary (PreK-2); Orchard View Intermediate (3-5)
    South Middle School (6-8)
    • Student currently enrolled in High School or a College or University
    • Minimum Age: 16 years old
    • Good Academic Standing and Faithful Attendance
    High school students will be paid $10 an hour on a timesheet
    College/University students will be paid $20 an hour on a timesheet
    Start Date:
    June 13th to July 14th
    Job Summary:
    The student worker will assist the teacher(s) in a variety of way to implement the instructional
    program including working directly with children in small groups or one-to-one basis; to
    establish effective rapport with students assigned to a classroom; to motivate students to
    develop attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good educational foundation, in
    accordance with each pupil’s ability.
    Performance Responsibilities:
    • Assist teacher as needed with planning, preparation, and distribution of classroom
    • Conduct learning games with students according to established procedures
    • Provides individualized and small-group instruction to reinforce skills that have been
    taught by the teacher
    • Maintains an environment that is safe for students and conducive to learning
    • Assists with supervision and instruction of children; copying, cutting, coloring etc. to
    construct materials
    • Maintains confidentiality, unquestionable integrity
    • Assists the teacher in supervision of children in the classroom and to various locations in
    the school including, but not limited to, instructional areas, the cafeteria, and the bus
    • Participates in bus duty, hall monitoring, lunchroom duty, playground duty and other
    duties assigned by the building supervisor or principal
    To Apply:
    Complete the form at www.tinyurl.com/bcsstudentworker2022 by Thursday, April 27th.
    Needs for this position may change and are based on student enrollment and

    Macy's Career Opportunities and Full-Funded Education Opportunities

    Macys logo

    Macy's Full-Funded Education information

    Macy's Career Builder program

    Guild- Macy's education benefit program

    Guild's Fully Funded catalog for Macy's

    STEM Flights

    STEM and Aviation Inspiration + Free Unique Flight Experience with STEM Flights

    STEM Flights flier

    Summer Employment at The Woods

    Life Guards needed

    Shift Supervisors needed

    First Star Academy

    For high-school-aged youth in foster care across the state of West Virginia. This summer, we are launching a two-week immersive STEM camp for this underserved group of students free of cost. This residential camp will take place at Fairmont State campus this summer from July 10th through July 22nd.   

    This summer STEM camp will feature robotics, rocketry, weather, climate and essential life skills development curriculum. Students will not only experience life on a college campus and its abundant available resources, but they will also participate in these incredible opportunities: 

    This program was developed in partnership with Destination Space, KVC West Virginia and national non-profit, First Star. First Star KVC West Virginia Academy is a part of the larger First Star organization that is composed of 14 academies across the United States. Every academy is dedicated to the common goal of preparing high-school-aged youth in foster care for high school graduation, postsecondary education, and the transition into adulthood. 

    Students’ culminating experience is this two-week summer camp, but they will also continue to engage in the program throughout the year. Participating students will receive individualized support and mentoring, as well as participate in monthly Saturday Academies. One Saturday a month, students and program facilitators come together as a group to learn from a wide variety of professionals in STEM fields, enjoy fun activities like remote-controlled drone competitions, gain essential life skills, and more. 

    If you know a rising 9th-12th grade student in foster care who would benefit from this two-week STEM summer camp and the First Star KVC West Virginia Academy, contact Program Director, Walter Swoope, at wswoope@kvc.org for more information!

    Waynesburg University CSI Camp
    The Camp will take place from June 13, 2022 to June 17, 2022, and we are thrilled to once again make this opportunity available to high school students. Our CSI Camp is designed to give students hands-on experience of what they can expect in the forensic science and criminal justice majors and, ultimately, occupations. Camp will enable students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of forensic topics and allow them to make valuable connections with professionals and fellow peers in the field. Students will have the opportunity to train with and learn from certified experts in a small group setting.Students entering 11th grade, 12th grade, or who are spring 2022 high school graduates are eligible to attend CSI Camp. If you or your students would like more information on the Camp, please visit https://www.waynesburg.edu/csi-camp. If they are interested, they can register for the Camp at this website as well. 

     Camp Horseshoe
    1. 2022 Summer Camp Registration
    2. Teen Entrepreneurship Summit
    3. YLA Leadership Summit


    Penn State Mont Alto Youth Camps 2022

     Camp High Rocks

    High Rocks Academy for Girls is currently taking applications for our transformative summer camps and year-round programing. High Rocks is a leader in transforming the lives of young people. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire young women in Appalachia. All girls accepted to High Rocks receive a full scholarship to participate. 

    We are also offering individual appointments to help all young people in West Virginia prepare for college. Students and parents can sign up using the link below to schedule an appointment with someone on our team.

    For more information, follow the links below:

    Camp Steele – for girls in 8th through 12th grade.

    Camp New Beginnings – for girls in 7th or 8th grade.

    College Workshops and Individual Appointments – open to all West Virginia students and parents.


    WV Youth Leadership Forum (YLF)- June 20-24, 2022

    The WV Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is a statewide training and leadership development event for students (Delegates) with all types of disabilities, high school juniors & seniors and college freshmen, who are transitioning to adulthood.

    YLF flier

    FBI National Academy Associates

    FBI National Academy Associates, Inc.Youth Leadership Program June 16 -24, 2022

      • First Energy Linesman program

      Interested in being a linesman?  See the flier

      • Private Pilot Certificate

      Interested in obtaining your private pilot certificate? Go to www.aimhighflightacademy.com to learn more.

    *Adam's Landscaping Inc.

    Landscaping, lawn mowing, laying sod 

    Adam's Landscaping Inc.



    - $15/hour