Eagle School Band

  • The Eagle School Band is a performing ensemble consisting of wind instruments and percussion. The group meets two times a week for a full ensemble rehearsal and students must also attend a weekly group lesson. Goals of the band program are to allow students to develop their musicianship and music literacy through applying concepts on an instrument.


    Instrument Options include:







    Note: Percussion/Drums will be volunteers for each piece of music on the performance


    Options for Obtaining an Instrument:

    1. Ask around: often relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc. have instruments they are willing to lend or give away. 
    2. Rent: The Guitar Room, Ellsworth Music Supply, Music and Arts
    3.  Purchase: If planning on purchasing a used instrument please consult me first for help. If planning on purchasing online please consult my recommendations on the instrument page. Several low-cost instruments on places like Amazon are very low quality, wear down very quickly, and cost more in the long run to maintain functionality.
    4. Rent from school: A very limited number of school instruments are available if the other options are not possible.

Band Rehearsal/Lesson Schedule

  • Please Note: Students Must attend a band rehearsal and a lesson each week.

    Failure to attend Two Lessons in a row or Four total lessons without attending a make-up lesson will result in removal from the band program. 



    8:00-8:20         Make-up Lesson

    11:20-11:50      Trumpet Lesson(4th Grade)

    11:55-12:25      Trumpet Lesson(5th Grade)

    3:30-4:00          Trumpet Lesson(5th Grade)

    4:00-4:30          Trumpet Lesson(4th Grade)


    8:00-8:20          Make-up Lesson

    8:20-8:50         Band Rehearsal

    11:20-11:50      Clarinet Lesson(4th Grade)

    11:55-12:25      Clarinet Lesson(5th Grade)

    3:30-4:00          Clarinet Lesson(4th+5th Grade)

    4:00-4:30          Saxophone Lesson(4th+5th Grade)


    8:00-8:20         Make-up Lesson

    11:20-11:50      Saxophone Lesson(4th Grade)

    11:55-12:25      Trombone/Euphonium Lesson(5th Grade)

    3:30-4:00          Trombone/Euphonium Lesson(5th Grade)

    4:00-4:30          Trombone/Euphonium Lesson(4th Grade)


    8:00-8:20         Make-up Lesson

    11:20-11:50      Flute Lesson(4th Grade)

    11:55-12:25      Flute Lesson(5th Grade)

    3:30-4:00          Flute Lesson(5th Grade)

    4:00-4:30          Flute Lesson(4th Grade)


    8:00-8:20         Make-up Lesson

    8:20-8:50         Make-up Lesson

    11:20-11:50      Make-up Lesson(4th Grade)

    11:55-12:25      Make-up Lesson(5th Grade)

    3:30-4:30         Band Rehearsal