Eagle School Band

  • The Eagle School Band is a performing ensemble consisting of wind instruments. The group meets two times a week for a full ensemble rehearsal and students must also attend a weekly group lesson. Goals of the band program are to allow students to develop their musicianship and music literacy through applying musical concepts on an instrument.


    Instrument Options include:








    Options for Obtaining an Instrument:

    1. Ask around: often relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc. have instruments they are willing to lend or give away. 
    2. Rent: Ellsworth Music Supply, Music and Arts
    3. Purchase: If planning on purchasing a used instrument, please consult me first for help. If planning on purchasing online, please consult my recommendations on the instrument page. Several low-cost instruments on places like Amazon are very low quality, wear down very quickly, and cost more in the long run to maintain functionality. Purchasing a used instrument in almost all cases is much more cost-effective.
    4. Rent from school: A limited number of school instruments are available if the other options are not possible. We strive to provide all students with instruments who want to participate in the band.

Eagle School Band Resources

Band Rehearsal/Lesson Schedule

  • 2022-2023 Band Lessons and Rehearsals will begin the week of September 19th.

    Band Rehearsal

    Tuesdays - 8:10 - 8:40am

    Fridays - 3:30 - 4:30pm


    Band Lessons

    Mondays - Trumpet

    Tuesdays - Clarinet

    Wednesdays - Saxophone

    Thursdays - Flute

    Fridays - Trombone/Euphonium