Financial Aid Resources

What is financial aid?

  • There are three basic types of financial aid:
    1. Grants: federal, state, and institution funds given based on financial need that do not have to be repaid
    2. Loans: federal and private funds that must be repaid with interest after graduation
    3. Scholarships: private and institution funds given based on cirterion set by the awarding agency

Applying for Federal Loans & Grants

  • 1. Apply for a pin number beginning September 1 at
    SAVE this ID for your application.

    2. Starting October 1, you can go to the FAFSA website at and complete the FREE application for federal student aid.

    3. The earlier you file your FAFSA, the better chance you have of receiving the most financial aide available.


A few more questions you might have ...

  • What happens after I apply for financial aid?
    Your FAFSA information will be sent to the colleges that you choose. The college's financial aid department will receive your FAFSA information. After reviewing your FAFSA information, the colleges will then offer you a financial aid package as early as December!

    What is the difference between loans and grants?
    Grants are based on financial need and it is money that does not have to be repaid. Grants are given by the federal or state government and some schools. Loans must be repaid with interest after graduation.

    How can I get help in completing the FAFSA application?
    The SMHS counseling department works in collaboration with the Shepherd University Financial Aid Department to provide a Financial Aid and FAFSA parent workshop in October, January, and February. You will be instructed to bring required documents and there will be Shepherd University FAFSA experts on site to help you complete the FAFSA application. The October and February workshops are held during evening hours and the February workshop is held during lunch hours to accommodate parent work hours.

    I have more questions about the FAFSA...
    For more information about financial aid, please review the helpful Financial Aid 101 Guide provided by CFWV here.