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    NEW:  SAT administration for Saturday, September 26, 2020-  This date will be for the SAT only, in the United States and internationally, with no SAT Subject Tests™ available. Sunday testing for religious reasons will be on September 27.


     INFO FOR MHS SENIORS: New Scholarship Info or Changes, Financial Aid Info & changes, Etc:


    UPDATE:  Promise Applicants- Click Here for Promise Scholarship Info and Updates


    UPDATE:  Based on the current situation with the Coronavirus, the Page-Jackson Scholarship Committee has to decided to extend our deadline for applications to April 30. This extension will enable seniors additional time to obtain their transcripts. I also serve on the Robert F. Baronner Scholarship Committee. We have decided to extend the date to April 30 also.



    UPDATE: Eastern Panhandle Bar Association Charitable Foundation Scholarship 2020- Eastern Panhandle Barr Association Scholarship InfoIn addition, the committee understands that it may be difficult for some requirements to be met due to school closures.  The committee will now accept the following:

    • Grades may be provided by way of a print-out of the student’s Schoology account.
    • The committee encourages and will allow the applications to be accepted via email. Please send to trohrbaugh@kaycasto.com and sksmith@kaycasto.com



    PROMISE and State Financial Aid Information

    Below are the key changes related to COVID-19, that will affect current high school students when applying for state financial aid programs for the 2020-21 academic year.  

      Regarding PROMISE: The SAT and ACT tests for March and April have been postponed. Students can still qualify for PROMISE by taking the June SAT and the June and July ACT. If those tests are postponed or canceled, we will act promptly to reevaluate our statewide qualification deadlines and notify all counselors and applicants.  

     Regarding the Higher Education Grant: The Higher Education Grant application deadline has been extended from April 15, 2020 to May 15, 2020. To apply students must file a 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.gov. If you hear students need assistance with completing the form by May 15 they may call our financial aid hotline (877-987-7664) for assistance.   

     Regarding West Virginia Invests: Students may continue applying at http://wvinvests.org/. The application deadline for WV Invests is rolling. Students must complete all the application steps prior to the beginning of the semester they are applying. I would encourage students and families to apply and file a 2020-21 FAFSA as soon as possible.   

 A Note to our Seniors
Reminders for Self-Care

    WVU is participating in several virtual college fairs this spring that might be of interest to your rising seniors.  One is this week, and I’m sorry for the short notice.

    The South Region College Fair Online Virtual Event is April 20th – 25th, and the Northeast Region College Fair Online is May 18th – 23rd.  Both events are open to all U.S. students, and registration is available at www.collegefairsonline.com/students.  The fairs are open 24 hours a day during their respective weeks, allowing students to post questions at their convenience. 

     This week is also Strive Scan Virtual College Exploration Week.  Representatives from WVU will be participating in the following free sessions for students:

     ·       R1 Research Schools and the Opportunities for Undergraduate Students Panel Discussion on Wednesday, April 22nd at 1 pm EST.

     ·       Find Mission and Purpose in Land Grant Universities Panel Discussion on Thursday, April 23rd at 3 pm EST.

    Please also feel free to share our Virtual Resources webpage with your students.  They can take a virtual tour of our Morgantown Campus or residence halls, register for a livestream event, chat with a student ambassador, and more.


    Things to do while Away from School:

    ● Journal!
    ● Write a Letter to a Friend or Family Member!
    ● Make a List of Things You’re
    Grateful For!
    ● Read a Book or Magazine...for fun!
    ● Have a Dance Party with Friends via FaceTime!
    ● Disconnect from Social Media...even if it’s just for 30 minutes!


     Take a virtual college tour!
    (For all grade levels)

    • While many colleges are cancelling their campus tours, open houses, and preview days, you can take a virtual tour on their site.
    • Look at their majors...do they have what you are interested in? What are the costs? Any scholarship opportunities?
    • Use Cost of Attendance tools provided by the college website
Managing Anxiety and Stress during COVID-19
Anxiety Coping