Online Learning Professional Development

  • How to enroll in the courses

    • Log into Schoology
    • Choose to Courses (top left)
    • My Courses (top right)
    • Join a Course (blue button - top right)
    • Enter the access code of the course in which you want to enroll
      • Basic: 69WP-ZCRJ-2DNGH
      • Intermediate: 68MN-6MZ7-N5N5F
      • Advanced: 7H4B-5FT6-PR7WC
  • Basic Level


    • Course Settings - section name, profile picture, grade setup
    • Gradebook - the basics
    • Members - add a co-admin
    • Materials - add assignments and links and organize all the materials in folders
    • Communication - use updates, announcements and messages to communicate with parents and students
    • Assessment - create, setup options and basic question types (M/C, T/F, Fill-in-the-blank, Short answer/Essay

    MyVRSpot - Platform for video storage, creation, editing and more

    • Upload videos, create videos and screen recording

    Use Your Device for Online Learning

    • Screen recording with your iPad, MacBook or Chromebook
    • Video creation on the iPad using Clips app

    Video Conferencing

    • How to host with TEAMS
  • Intermediate Level


    • Materials - pages, discussions and media albums
    • Grade groups - sort students and individually assign material
    • Assessments: Create question types: Matching, Ordering, Fill-in-the-Blank drop down and drag and drop, Label image and Highlight text
    • Badges: motivate students through badges
    • Google and Microsoft workflow - Use Google docs and MS docs through Schoology
    • External Tools - how to access through Schoology


    • SmartSpot and MediaSpot

    Video Conferencing

    • Use TEAMS and the whiteboard tool
  • Advanced Level


    • Self-paced courses - create completion rules so students must complete content before moving on to next content
    • Assessments - Tech-enhanced question types: Audio, Video, Highlight hotspot, Highlight image, Math short answer, Number line and Chart
    • Adding audio and video to materials.

    Video Editing

    • iMovie
    • new tool coming for MyVRSpot

    Video Conferencing

    • Use TEAMS and the collaborative whiteboard tool