Return to Learn

  • In March 2020, Berkeley County Schools (BCS) closed its school buildings for in-person learning due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and related public health concerns. For the remainder of the spring semester, students engaged in remote learning throughout the district. While our preferred model of instruction is a traditional educational environment, we anticipate continued public health restrictions when school resumes September 8, 2020. As a result BCS will provide two pathways for families -- Brick or Click.

    For academic and social-emotional reasons, we are compelled to provide an in-person learning model and offer an optional remote pathway for interested families and staff. We also recognize that we must take prudent steps to keep our schools, students and staff safe, healthy and mentally/socially balanced.  We must also anticipate that there could be outbreaks, creating cycles through which we move from in-person and remote learning for some time, and there could be a time for a district or state-wide closure.

    This website presents our most current thinking. It represents many of hours of research, scenario modeling, and collaborative work from Berkeley County Schools staff members. We also solicited and reviewed feedback from all our employee groups. Our conversations and preparations for the school year are rooted in health and safety, and while our return to school will look different, our commitment to ensuring all students have a safe, welcoming and fun environment to learn and thrive remains the same. It will continue to be a work in progress and we believe that through candid and constructive feedback from our community, this plan will continue to evolve. We welcome your input and best thinking and I ask that you help us make it better, and help us provide the very best, and safest, education we can for BCS students.


    Guiding Principles for Reopening 

    • Ensure all students receive instruction that meets state and federal standards and have the necessary supports for success, including access to technology and connectivity.
    • Additional supports to students who receive students services (e.g. special education English learners, 504 plan)
    • Social-emotional wellness and health supports
    • Provide training, time, support, and flexibility necessary for staff to prepare for successful reopening.
    • Provide proactive, clear communication to all families and staff.

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