• School bus transportation will be provided with adjusted capacity limits and specific seating protocols per healthy and safety guidelines. Families are encouraged to review these protocols and share these guidelines with their students. If you wish to transport your child to/from school this school year, please indicate in the preference survey so that notification can be provided to our transportation department and to your students schools.

    Families must review these guidelines with their student(s) to ensure understanding of the practices and procedures that will ensure the safety of all individuals on the bus.

    All students will receive a BCS provided face covering when being transported on buses for the safety of others when social distancing may not be possible. 

    Physical distancing is encouraged as students arrive and leave the bus stop and as they enter and exit the bus. Parents are also encourgaed to be present at the bus stop to provide guidance on proper physical distancing for students.

    Upon arrival and during departure from the school site, students will practice social distancing under the supervision of staff to help facilitate entry and exiting the school building. Parent drop-off and pick-up will be available and school specific information will be provided at a later date.  

Berkeley County Schools Transportation Guidelines Fall 2020-2021

    • Bus seat capacity will be limited to 2 per seat. Adjustments to routes with student populations exceeding the limit will be made.
    • Students will be assigned a seat based on their bus stop. Students will sit with other students and/or siblings from the bus stop.
    • IF POSSIBLE, limit additional/secondary student bus stops for safety and logistical purposes.
    • Each occupant including the bus operator will be expected to wear an appropriate face covering while being transported by the school bus.
    • Students will face forward at all times while being transported.
    • Bus windows will remain open during student transportation when feasible.
    • Bus operators and aides will be trained on the proper way to clean and sanitize the bus.
    • Each bus will be fully cleaned regularly and disinfected/sanitized after the morning and afternoon routes.
    • Hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) will be provided in the stairwell for students to use.