Technology & Access

  • All of our students will have a device for use in either the brick or click pathway.  Students will have access to internet connectivity through several options: school issued hot-spots, a district sponsored internet package, and Kids Connect antennas across our community.
    To date, more than 750 internet hot spots have been deployed to our schools.  We continue to prepare another 500 for placement where needed.  Students that qualify for free or reduced meal benefits can also qualify for a district provided internet package.  As part of the state-wide Kids Connect initiative, all 32 of our schools have installed the hardware for the antennas.  At Musselman High School, there will be 2 locations to connect from the parking lot because the South Berkeley Library, located within the school, is antenna-connected as well.  Many additional locations made possible by generous community businesses, educational partners, and churches will be offered for those who want or need the parking lot internet service. (Sept. 2, 2020)
    Kids Connect Network offers internet access resource for students to use to obtain lessons and deliver assignments.  All public schools and libraries in Berkeley County will offer the internet access from the parking lot of these locations.  

    To access the Kids Connect Network, follow these instructions:

    1. On your device, select the WVKidsConnect SSID
    2. If a browser does not auto open, open a browser
    3. Read and accept the Terms of Use
    4. Click the "Continue to Internet" button (Sept 10, 2020)


    Whether learning takes place primarily through Brick or Click, expanded digital resources will ensure students have consistent access to high quality learning tools. Staff will continue to receive training and support in applying face-to-face and remote learning strategies. All students, including those with families selecting the Click learning pathway, will be provided a device and access to the internet if needed. All families should be prepared to support their children’s active participation in all online learning activities, in the event of a future school closure. 

    The district will have options to help families with inadequate or no Internet at home.  Schools will be the point of contact for this information.  These options will include Wi-Fi hotspots for home use and possibly Comcast Home Essentials for families that live in an area currently served by Comcast. Specific dates and schedule information will be provided by school site in late August. 

    Every school will have Wi-Fi available in a designated parking lot that can be used by our students and staff.  There will be designated parking spots at each school and the Wi-Fi is to be used during a short visit to the school to allow for the upload of assignments and the download of needed school work.

    Berkeley County Schools will be 1:1 (one to one) for student connectivity and devices will be filtered based on standard BCS protocols:

    • Pre-K - 5th Grade will be issued iPads
    • 6th Grade - 12the Grade will be issued Chromebooks

    BCS is exploring internet access delivery options to include, hot spots and internet service providers for both staff and students. A tech support help desk will be available to support families and staff. 

    Berkeley County Schools has heard and listened to families and caregivers who have requested support and assistance with Click learning during the spring. We are taking steps to strengthen our support of families and caregivers by providing ongoing workshops for parents/ families/ caregivers to equip them with technology skills and knowledge and providing an evening hotline that will be supported by our teachers to respond to questions. We will also continue to explore other systems to facilitate learning in the Brick and Click enviroment.