Preparing for Future School Closures

  • Changes in public health data could necessitate rapid adjustments to the BCS operational approach at any time in the 2020-21 school year. Students, families, and staff attending in-person instruction (Brick) with social distancing in BCS buildings should be prepared for the potential of building closure on short notice. BCS administration will communicate promptly via NTouch to staff, students, and families if local health conditions warrant school closure or a change in instructional delivery. In the event of school and/or district closure, BCS and/or school site will implement a model of full-time remote Click instructions for all students.

  • Safety Protocols Should a School be Closed by the Berkeley/Morgan County Board of Health (BMCBOH)

    During a health closure for one or more BCS schools, no students would be allowed in school buildings for instruction. Staff would access buildings for critical purposes, as permitted within health department guidelines. 

    Instructional Practice

    In the event of closure, all instruction for the affected schools would be delivered online through remote learning practices (Click). These practices would include expanded digital curriculum resources, as well as ongoing staff training. The district’s ongoing expansion of technology, connectivity, and blended learning strategies across grade levels and curricular areas will ensure BCS students are able to access high-quality, rigorous instruction even in the event of a school closure. BCS will continue to document effective learning strategies and provide professional development and family resources in order to prepare for a possible transition to remote learning (Click).

    Whether learning takes place primarily through Brick or Click, expanded digital resources will ensure students have consistent access to high quality learning tools. Staff will continue to receive training and support in applying face-to-face and remote learning strategies. All students, including those with families selecting the Click learning pathway, will be provided a device and access to the internet if needed. All families should be prepared to support their children’s active participation in all remote learning (Click) activities, in the event of a future school closure. 


    Class schedules, in an emergency remote learning approach, will mirror schedules used for students whose families requested full-time remote instruction for the school year via Click.