• To address the unique needs of students who receive student services such as (e.g., special education, English learners, 504 Plan) special education providers will continue to work with families to collaboratively identify the most essential services for each student that can be provided both directly and indirectly in remote and in-person learning environments. 

    As more discussion occurs and decisions are made regarding students’ who receive student services (e.g., special education, English learners, 504 Plan) education this fall we thought it would be important to share some information regarding students with Special Education services and 504 accommodations and second language learners. As always, we will work through the IEP and 504 Plan processes to determine the appropriate services and supports for your student. 

    We recognize each student will have a individual plan based on the learning model selected by the family. When this happens we will be working diligently to establish detailed plans for the delivery of student services. Service plans will be adusted as needed for the circumstances of the learning environment and to meet the needs of the student/family.

    The following protocols will be considered in working with students and/or families.

    • Wearing a Mask—Exceptions will be made for students that have medical conditions or sensory sensitivities.  IEP/504 teams can work toward determining functional goals to assist in mask wearing for students whom the parents and teachers deem it appropriate.
    • Meals—Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to students in their educational setting.  Special diets based upon medical documentation will still be followed.
    • Class Size—BCS will follow WVDE Policy 2419 (the State’s special education policy) and Berkeley/Morgan County Board of Health recommendations.
    • Transportation Schedules—As during a typical year, any student riding a special education bus will be contacted by the driver or bus aide with specific pick-up and drop off times the week prior to school starting.

    All students receiving student servies (e.g., special education, English leaners, 504 plans) will be contacted by BCS staff to assist with educational programming supports. If families have questions, they are encouraged to reach out to their principal or program administrators.