• Drop off and pick up procedures will vary at each school. Social distancing protocols will be in place to minimize congregating.
    • In the morning and at dismissal, students will be directed to go straight from their vehicles, buses, and drop off points to the classrooms and vice versa.
    • We ask that parents please do not park, stop, exit vehicle or congregate at drop off/pick up areas on school campuses.


    Tuscarora Drop-Off Procedure:

    • If you drive your child to school, please park next door at Bethel Assembly of God Church and walk your student to the front doors of Tuscarora. For our students in grades K-2 please do not drop off a student prior to 8:20 AM as there is no staff member on duty to supervise. During arrival and dismissal times, the front of the school will be used by buses only.
    • Please do not arrive before 8:20 AM and congregate on the front porch. This year it is important that we follow all social distancing guidelines! Our doors will open promptly @ 8:20 AM.
    • Once you arrive at the front doors, your child will enter the school INDEPENDENTLY.  This may require some practice before the start of the school year.
    • Children will then make their way to their classrooms. 
    • Please have your child ready to enter school when they get to the front door.  This includes goodbyes, finishing breakfast, zipping book bags, etc. 
    • If help is needed a staff member will assist them.

    Tuscarora Pick-Up (Car Rider) Procedure:

    • Children will be called to the Car Rider Area by grade level for pickup.  To ensure social distancing, we will need to stagger our pickup times. This is a change from previous years.  Please do not arrive earlier than the times indicated below (you will be asked to leave and return at the appropriate time):
      • Kindergarten: 3:20
      • First Grade:  3:20
      • Second Grade: 3:20
    • At the designated time please report to door #7. There a staff member will meet you and ask you to sign your student out. All parents will be required to show your license
    • Only parents or adults listed on the emergency card will be allowed to sign out a student. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to leave the building with anyone other than those listed on their emergency card unless written permission from the parent/guardian has been approved..
    • Again, we ask that you do NOT congregate in this area and follow social distancing guidelines.
    • After your student has been picked up , please do not play on the playground and please proceed directly to your car.