• Text to Speech on Chromebooks


    Online Text To Speech Reader

    Copy and paste the text from source and click “Play.”



    Moving Past Captive Portal

    1. users must authenticate though the captive portal once every 24 hours

    2. username@bcswv.org and your Office365 password

    3. if you are receiving page cannot be displayed or a similar error it's likely your session has expired and it’s time to reauthenticate

    4. the easiest way to force the portal to pop up is to open Chrome and do a Google search.  This should prompt the portal

    5. once you have successfully authenticated you should be good to go for the next 24 hours

    Filtering is essential to the online safety of our students.  We are required by law to filter any school-owned devices while they are at school and at home.


    A complete shut down and restart of your Chromebook should be done daily.  A few new extensions have also been applied to the Chromebooks and a restart is often needed for the extension to appear.


    You also may need to clear your cookies from time to time if the Chromebook isn't working correctly. 

    • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome in the top right of browser

    • Select More tools

    • Clear browsing data

      • Time range: All time


    Teams Meeting tip:  Enter all meetings with your mic and camera off. 


    Screen Going Green in Teams?

    Here’s the fix.

    • click the white circle on the lower left...
    • type settings into the search
    • types updates in the settings search
    • click check for updates


    To enable Flash on a Chromebook for specific sites:

    • Go to the site you wish to use flash with.
    • Click on the lock icon to the left of the URL.
    • Click on Site settings.
    • Scroll down to Flash.
    • Change Block to Allow.
    • Back out and re-enter the site.