2020-2021 Athletics COVID-19 Procedures

North Middle Gymnasium Photo
  • We are all aware that this school year has come with many changes, and continuing our Athletic Program will be no different. Check out the resources below about the udpated COVID-19 Protocols for this season. We are all in this together, and we're going to get through it together! 

    Stay Healthy

  • Some things to keep in mind as we continue to take all measures to keep our atheletes, their families, and our community safe:

    • Guests will be required to wear a mask and practice good hygiene and social distancing throughout the entirety of the game.
    • Guests will open through the front door, pay for their ticket, and enter the gym through the left side. 
    • To exit, guests will leave through the side door (upper parking lot).
    • Players are allowed SIX immediate family members to attend their games. This can include parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents, etc. This CANNOT include aunts, uncles, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, mentors, Travel Coaches, etc. 
    • To be admitted into the games, your names must be on the Admission List. There are forms to fill out to be put on these lists. Click on the appropriate link below to fill out the forms and get your SIX immediate household members added to the Admission List. 
    • In an attempt to social distance, we are asking that guests only stay for the game in which they have a player participating. After their game concludes, guests will be given time to exit the building, and guests entering the building for the Varsity Game will be escorted inside. 
    • For AWAY GAMES, due to some of the arrangements that will need to be made to some of the other middle school gyms for social distancing, the number of guests allowed to attend may be lowered to 2 guests. This will apply to Musselman Middle AWAY GAMES ONLY. 
    • For family members and friends unable to physically attend games, stay tuned for the possiblity of being able to watch from the comfort of your homes!