Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Thank you for your interest in the BCVS pathway.  We would like to share some valuable information we have discovered during the last few years of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will be teaching Berkeley County Virtual School?

  • What if my Berkeley County Virtual School student still wants to take part in school-based extracurricular activities?

  • If my student is enrolled in virtual school, how do they get the technology and equipment they need?

  • My student has an IEP. Will special education services be available in the virtual program?

  • Is tutoring offered?

  • Can students return to traditional school if they don't like the virtual pathway?

  • Will state testing be required?

  • Are student's tests proctored?

  • When will students receive grades?

  • How much time will be spent on the classes per week?

  • Can students attend some classes via virtual school and some classes at their home school?

  • What courses are available?

  • Who teaches virtual courses?

  • Is the virtual pathway for a student's education easy?

  • Am I still a Berkeley County Student?