What is the ESI Mental Health Team?

  • The Mental Health team at Eagle School is here to provide social-emotional support to your student and family. This support could be providing skills to your student, aiding your family with finding outside resources, and more!


Who is a part of the ESI Mental Health Team?

  • The Mental Health Team consists of your School Counselors, Social Workers, and Academic Coach.

Meet Your Mental Health Team

Contact the Mental Health Team!

  • To contact the Mental Health Team, please reach out to your student's school counselor via phone, email Class Dojo, or Schoology:

    Victoria Lyons (4th & 5th Grade)

    (304) 263-0422



    Stephanie Schminkey (3rd & 5th Grade)

    (304) 263-0422


  • School Counselor

    Your school counselors are the individuals who work with students during their day-to-day activities. They also foster social-emotional learning by conducting guidance classes with their grade levels.

    • Victoria Lyons (4th & 5th Grade)
    • Stephanie Schminkey (3rd & 5th Grade)
    • Miranda Ford: Attendance/Chronically Absent Students


    Duties of a School Counselor:

    Assist students during the school day who may be feeling intense emotions or who experience a hardship

    Aide students in building healthy coping and social-emotional skills

    Help ensure families have the resources needed to thrive

    Assist students struggling with attendance

    Conduct guidance lessons to foster social-emotional growth in all students.

  • Academic Coach (Kristine Hubbard)

    Our Academic Coach aides teachers in the classroom with better ways to support their students in day-to-day activities and in crisis


    Duties of the Academic Coach:

    • Educating teachers on the best trauma-informed strategies to use in their classroom
    • Connecting teachers to resources and extra professional development to further increase their skills
    • Showing teachers different ways to motivate students
    • Overseeing that all staff are receving the proper training and developing the correct skills to ensure the success of all students in and out of the classroom
  • Social Workers

    Social workers are the link between school, family, and community, Your school social workers assist students and families who could benefit from more in-depth resources and therapy.

    • Brittney Butler (Communities in Schools)
    • Caroline Cardwell
    • Amber Groves


    Duties of a Social Worker:

    • Link families and students to outside resources in the community
    • Conduct student mental health groups to aid in social-emotional learning such as anger management, anxiety, coping skills, confidence, ADHD, and more
    • Conduct individual therapy with students to strengthen healthy coping and self-regulation skills