Free Tuition at WV 2-Year Colleges

  • WV Invests LogoWest Virginia Invests is a state program allowing students to attend 2-year community and technical colleges in WV, such as Blue Ridge CTC, with no cost for tuition. To find eligible certificate and associate degree programs, go to


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Things to Consider When Choosing a College

  • There are thousands of colleges to choose from and each one is unique, but which is the right college for you? Use these steps to start your college search and to find that college that is the right fit for you.

    1. Talk to Your Family: Have a discussion with your family about your interests and goals.  Ask them about their experiences, their expectations, and what support they can give you.
    2. Make a Wish List: What do you want your college experience to be like?  Make a list that includes everything from possible college majors to location to campus size.  These factors contribute to your college experience and can help you find the right college for you.
    3. Get Advice: Talk to your teachers, school counselor, principals, extended family, and friends about your college search. Talk to people who have been to college about what college is really like and how they found their college.
    4. Read Your Mail: Your mailbox and your email inbox might already be filled with college emails. Browse through them. If you aren't getting college mail yet, visit college websites and sign up for information.
    5. Go to College Fairs or Talk to College Representatives at Your School: You can get a lot of information about different colleges all in one place by attending a college fair.  You'll meet college representatives who can answer your questions and sign up for college mailing lists.  Shepherd University hosts a fair every year in September.
    6. Explore Online: A visit to a college's website can give you an idea of what student life and classes are like.  You can take virtual campus tours, check out majors, and even contact admission officers and current students with questions.
    7. Visit a Campus: To get a real taste of what a college is like, plan a visit.  You can explore the campus, talk to college students and professors, and get a better sense of what you do and don't want in a college.  Check a college's website to find out about scheduling a visit or Open House days.
    8. Apply!: Use all of the information you've gathered to make a list of colleges you're interested in.  Apply to several schools so that you have as many choices as possible.  Consider all the factors to make the right choice for you!

    Adapted from College Board

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