NCAA Eligibility

  • If you want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II school, start by registering for a Certification account with the NCAA Eligibility Center at If you want to play Division III sports or you aren’t sure where you want to compete, start by creating a Profile Page account at

    NCAA recommends that students begin registration for the NCAA in their 9th Grade Year.

Did You Know?

    • 3% of high school student-athletes receive a scholarship
    • Less than 1% receive a 4-year D1 scholarship
    • 26% of students who enter college on an athletic scholarship as a freshman are no longer on scholarship entering their sophomore year
    • 80% of athletic scholarship/financial aid opportunities are NOT on the D1 level

    The bottom line...

    If your goal is to play college athletics, you need to start preparing now by focusing on growing as an athlete AND a student.

Text Messaging Reminders for Student Athletes!

  • Information about signing up for text message reminders for student athletes


  • Musselman High School has teamed up with to provide student-athletes and their families with online assistance in tracking their progress towards meeting NCAA eligibility requirements. calculates a student's NCAA core course GPA for Division I and II, provides corresponding minimum SAT/ACT scores, and a report of core course credits earned and needed.

    Student-athletes are encouraged to activate their FREE membership to begin tracking their core course GPA and learn more about important recruiting topics. To join, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to
    2. Click “Free New Member Account”
    3. Enter School ID: 490175
    4. Enter School Code: 733300515
    5. Complete Registration Form

    For more information about what can provide to your student-athlete, read the Letter to Parents.

    To view a free webinar about the athletic recruitment process, visit


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