Olweus Kick-Off Spirit Week 22-23 SY

Olweus Kick-Off Week 22-23

  • September 19-23

    Theme: Don't Stand By! Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together.

    Focus: Empathy

    We will have a spirit week to kick-off our bullying prevention program as well as an assembly later in the week. We will recognize Potomack Eagles who demonstrate empathy while at school as well as complete team-building activities during the assembly.

    Monday- Stand Out Against Bullying! (Wear bright colors)

    Tuesday- Give Bullying the Boot! (Wear your favorite shoes)

    Wednesday- Mis It Up! (Wear mismatched shoes/socks)

    Thursday- Pair Up Against Bullying! (Find a partner and dress alike)

    Friday- Potomack Stands Together! (Wear Potomack colors)