Berkeley County Science & Social Studies Fair

  • Students who participate in Science and Social Studies Fairs learn more than a science or history lesson. Fair projects allow students to practice problem-solving, improvisation when a procedure doesn’t work out as predicted, presentation skills when delivering findings to others, and the ability to constructively critique each other’s work. If the presentation is being judged, it sharpens their skills in communicating scientific and historical principals and content. 

Social Studies Fair Information

  • Stay tuned as we prepare for another great Social Studies Fair this year!
    For information about the WV State Social Studies Fair, visit:

Upcoming Dates

State Science Fair Winners

2023 West Virginia Science & Engineering Fair
2023 Eastern Panhandle Science & Engineering Fair

Regional Social Studies Fair Winners

2023 Eastern Panhandle Social Studies Fair
2023 BCS County Science Fair

County Social Studies Fair Winners

2023 County Social Studies Fair