Berkeley County Schools

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Diversity Council

The Berkeley County Board of Education established its first Minority Diversity Committee in December 1988.  Since its mission encompassed many issues relating to multiculturalism and diversity, the title was changed to Minority AD Hoc Committee. The original group consisted of:
  •     15 minority community leaders

  •     2 minority student representatives

  •     7 educators, including teachers, administrators, board members and the superintendent.

The Committee met twice a year.  Its mission was to provide the Superintendent and staff with input and direction on topics of minority history, minority recruitment of teachers and administrators and multicultural studies in the Berkeley County Curriculum.

 Past Achievements:

 Since its formation, the Committee has implemented many programs and projects:

  •    Multicultural classes at the three high schools

  •    Multicultural teacher-training (alternating years) and staff development

  •    Program Board development programs for Committee members and community

  •    Hispanic Handbook and phone-voice mail activated resource

  •    Recruitment advertisement in Black Issues in High Education. (get new name)

  •    Annual student trips to Civil Rights Summit in Charleston

  •    Wrote Grow Your Own Teachers (GYOT) proposal