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Technology Troubleshooting Checklist

Refer to this checklist for possible solutions to your technical problem before you call for help. Although some of these possible solutions appear trivial, they are often overlooked. Check off those problems you have attempted to solve. This will be useful when requesting repair.


Computer will not turn on; no power.

Check all on/off switches and power strips, if used.

Make sure all cables are securely attached.

Computer seems to be powered on, but the monitor screen is blank or black.

Be sure the monitor is securely connected to the computer and to a power outlet and that the power light is on.

Move the mouse to deactivate a blank screen saver.

Computer light is on, but it does not start up properly.

Be sure there isn't a diskette in the computer's floppy drive.

Turn the computer off, wait 15 seconds and turn it back on again.

Keyboard does not work.

Make sure the keyboard is securely connected to the computer and into the proper port

Mouse cursor on screen doesn't move and/or clicking the mouse doesn't do anything.

Make sure the mouse is securely connected to the computer and in the proper port.

On some Macintosh computers, mouse connect to the keyboard, check that connection.

Mouse cursor on screen moves, but moves slowly or is jerky.

Mouse ball or rollers are probably dirty. Remove the mouse ball, clean away dirt and other accumulation, replace the ball and test.

Printer does not print, or there are error messages when attempting to print.

Check the power cable and be sure that the power light is on.

Check for jammed paper or other items in the paper path.

Check that the printer is on-line, (look for a light on).

Turn the printer off, wait 15 seconds, and turn it back on.

Computer freezes.

Restart the computer by turning it off, waiting 15 seconds, and turning it back on again.
And If That Didn't Help?

Administrative and Instructional Hardware (excluding POS)


I. Under WARRANTY - contact vendor directly
Tools for Schools Secondary - Pomeroy - 1-800-794-6117
Step 1. Inform building contact (each school has at least one individual with access to the RESA VIII Computer Repair Website and to R&T requests via ITDirect)
Step 2. Building contact sends Computer Repair request to RESA VIIIor an R&T request via ITDirect.*


All POS computer repairs are to be reported directly to the department of School Nutrition by phone. No POS repair requests are to be sent to RESA VIII unless so directed by the School Nutrition Department.

*When submitting a Repair Request the individual submitting the request is the Person Authorizing. DO NOT put R&T staff member name as the Person Authorizing the repair.