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NOTE: Students must be 4 years old by August 31, 2017 to be enrolled.
What is Berkeley County Schools WV Pre-K Program?

WV Pre-K programs are designed to prepare children for school by offering a range of experiences based on early learning standards. They offer a balance of activities, including active and quiet times, large and small group activities, center times, indoor and outdoor play times, and child-initiated and teacher-planned activities. Berkeley County public Pre-K programs use Creative Curriculum.

WV Pre-K programs can be located in schools or within the community through partnerships. Berkeley County Schools partners with both Head Start and childcare centers to provide Pre-K classes. According to West Virginia law, classes must be offered for all four-year-olds whose families wish to participate by the 2017-2018 school year. Current enrollment is offered by appointment only.

Who Can Participate?
Participants in WV Pre-K programs must be four years old by August 31st of the school year of enrollment and reside in Berkeley County. Children enrolled in participating childcare centers in Berkeley County who reside in another West Virginia County may participate if space is available.
What Does It Cost?
The WV Pre-K program is provided at no cost to families. Elementary breakfast and lunch charges may apply if the student eats at Pre-K and does not qualify for free or reduced meals. Children receive both breakfast and lunch. 
What About Transportation?

Families provide transportation to childcare collaboration sites and most school sites. Transportation is sometimes provided through Head Start partnerships and is provided for students who qualify for Pre-K special needs. Each Head Start partnership site enrolls a number of students eligible for Head Start services and a number of students through Berkeley County Pre-K who are not eligible for Head Start and these programs may offer transportation.

What Are The Program Hours?
Full day Pre-K is provided for a minimum of 25 hours per week.  The program is Monday through Friday and runs the length of the school year.  
What Is The Adult To Student Ratio?

The classroom maximum is 20 children. The adult to student ratio minimum is no more than 1:10. Each classroom has at least one teacher and one instructional assistant. Classroom ratios may be lower for children with special needs.

What is Wrap Around Care?

Wrap around care is before and after daycare provided at Pre-K sites. The care is arranged through the collaborating child care center by the parent and at the parent’s expense. There is also before and after care at some of the school sites.

How do families enroll in Wrap Around Care?

Children who are enrolled in partner childcare centers have first priority at those sites. If space is available, non-daycare children may be enrolled in the program.