Berkeley County Schools

Excellence is in the AIR


Pictured Left to Right:  Robin Mullins, Cara Harding, Tracy Heck, Lewis Harden II, Laura Riggs, Kim Hutzler
The Department of School Nutrition and Wellness strives to provide students with nutritious, well balanced meals  and  skills that contribute to our students' health and success in school and throughout life.   These meals include breakfast and lunch and are provided at low cost or free and are dependent upon the family’s income.  To ensure student confidentiality, schools use electronic identification and a centralized payment system.

Since the link between nutrition, physical activity, and learning is well documented,the Department of School Nutrition and Wellness promotes the implementation of a Wellness Policy.  It is our role to help schools with the responsibility to help students learn, establish, and maintain healthy eating and activity patterns.  Additionally, staff wellness is an integral part of a healthy school environment since school staff can be daily role models for healthy behaviors.