Pay Scales, Job Classifications & Substitute Qualifications/Procedures

  • We strive to employ highly qualified individuals to serve and educate the children within our school community.  Please take a few minutes to review the information below to learn more about our pay scales, job classifications and substitute qualifications and procedures. 


  • Personal Leave Three days per year of sick leave may be used for personal reasons.

    Sick Leave Fifteen days per year, unlimited accumulation.

    *Sick Leave Incentive Annual Sick Leave Incentive cash bonus available for all employees

    Retirement System Plan 1B - Employees contribute 6% gross salary. Employer contributes 7.5% gross salary. Defined benefit system.

    Health Insurance The WV Public Employees Insurance Agency is a self-insured health fund, which provides a comprehensive health care plan. Also included is a $10,000 term life insurance policy with the option to increase the coverage. Premiums are based on salary level and smoking status. 

    West Virginia Housing Fund Low interest loans and low closing costs.

    Relocation Services Full-time relocation specialist provided.

    *Housing Allowance Annual housing allowance payable in December.

    Tuition Reimbursement Tuition assistance for pursuing certification and highly qualified status in area of critical need. 

    Dental Insurance Provided at no cost to all permanent employees and their dependents.

    Optical Plan Provided at no cost to all permanent employees.

    Paid Holidays Six paid out of school environment days and eight paid holidays per year.

    Tax Sheltered Annuities Offered through payroll deduction.

    Credit Union Available to all employees.

    New Teacher Orientation Program Stipend is paid for participation.

    Mentor Program Provided at no cost to the employee.

    Direct Payroll Deposit Available to all employees.

    Long Term Care Insurance Offered through payroll deduction.

    Activity Passes Provided for free admission to all school events including athletic competitions. 

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