Classroom Lessons


    Classroom lessons taught by the school counselors are presented to all students at Hedgesville Middle School. The lessons cover academic, career, and personal/social content, and will take place throughout the year in various classroom settings.  They are based on the West Virginia Counseling Program Model which is taken from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards.  Some of the classroom lessons this year will include an introduction to the counseling department, coping skills, manners, career exploration, college exploration, and organization.


     Bullying Prevention Program

    The school counselors assist with the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Students will be taking part in various activities during kick-off week and throughout the year, including weekly classroom meetings with lessons. If you would like to know about the program, please visit    http://berkeleycountyschools.org/Page/468.


    Stop Bullying Literacy Model!

    Reseach Paper Assignment 

    Stop Bullying Doc

    Additional resource for reseach paper


    Videos Lessons

    Break The Cycle

    Stop Bullying



    Tobacco Cessation Program

    Watch  Dangers of Vaping Ted Talk video.

    Complete Quiz.....https://tinyurl.com/vape-dangers