• Career Development


    Students in all grade levels will have multiple opportunities to focus on career development. All 8th grade students at HMS will be learning about careers in our 6 week Careers class. As part of Careers class, 8th graders take a tour of James Rumsey Technical school and Blue Ridge Community College. The James Rumsey Mobile Career Center will also visit HMS yearly to allow 8th graders to have a hands on experience with a career and Day on the Job allows 8th graders to shadow a job each spring. The Personal Education Plan(PEP) is completed by 8th graders with the HMS counselors in the fall. Students are asked to predict the next two years including class choices, career interests, and post secondary plans. 

    All students will be discussing careers during Advisory lessons in 5th period. Our Career Day will take place in May and will feature over 30 speakers from our community. Every student will learn about four different career opportunities during Career Day. Each fall, we celebrate CFWV College Application and Career Exploration Week. Some of our activities include speakers during lunch from local colleges and technical schools.  Watch our staff created video discussing colleges and career paths here


    Career Exploration Links:


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