• Marlowe Elementary School's Counseling Philosophy Statement


     The school counseling program supports the academic mission of Marlowe Elementary School.

    • The school counseling program serves as a resource to support academic achievement and is an integral link between students, families, school, and community.
    • The school counselor advocates for and delivers a comprehensive, developmental counseling program.
    • The school counselor advocates for students to learn in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment surrounded by caring adults.
    • The school counselor works collaboratively with others to support the mental health needs of students.
    • The school counselor attends local, state, and national professional development opportunities to assure s/he remains a highly qualified professional. 

    Marlowe Elementary School's Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission statement of Marlowe Elementary School's Counseling Program is to promote students' personal/social, academic, and career success in a safe, respectful, and motivating school environment through a collaborative partnership of school staff, parents, and the community with the purpose of preparing all students for lifelong learning and productive citizenship.