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Department of Attendance


We are excited you chose to enroll your child in Berkeley County Schools!  


As Attendance Workers, we are passionate about ensuring that all students have access to the education to which they are entitled. Your children are the future of our community and we want to support you, as their parent, in helping them achieve beyond their potential. 

We thank you for taking the time to review this web page and familiarize yourself with the Attendance Policy for Berkeley County Schools. Attending school on a regular basis enhances your child’s ability to succeed in the school environment and fosters their love for learning.

Did you know…
  • School Attendance is strictly enforced by State Law.
  • When your child is absent from school verification by a parent or physicians note must be provided to the school within two (2) school days of the student’s return in order for the date(s) of absence(s) to be considered excused.
  • Illness of a student verified in writing by a parent/guardian may not exceed ten (10) total days per school year. Please contact the school’s guidance counselor or Administration if your child has a medical condition that may require frequent absences from school. Documentation will need to be provided.
  • If your child accumulates five (5) or more unexcused days absent from school, a meeting with the County Attendance Worker and/or school designee will be required. A parent will be subject to legal proceedings if attendance does not improve. 


Attendance Policy Effective June 2015
The Law States: The parent/guardian of any student who has accumulated three (3) or more absences will be mailed a letter notifying them of absences.  If a student accrues five (5) or more unexcused absences, then Written Notice will be served to the parent/guardian and a meeting scheduled with a school representative and a County Attendance Worker.  If a student accumulates ten (10) or more unexcused absences, then State Law requires that legal action be taken against the parent or guardian. It is important for parents, guardians and custodians to remember that written notes are needed to excuse an absence for reasons listed in the student handbook under excused absences.  This note must be received by the school within 48 hours of the absence.

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