Driver's License Information

  • Both student and parent driver’s licenses can be affected by school attendance. Per West Virginia Code 18-8-11, if a student has accrued more than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) total days unexcused absent during the school year, the School is required to send notification to the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (WVDMV). As a result, the WVDMV may revoke the student’s current license or deny their opportunity to obtain a driver’s license.

    If such action is taken by the school, written notification will be mailed home. Additionally, Proof of Enrollment cannot be obtained until the matter is resolved.

    Should criminal charges be pursued against the parent for permitting truancy, and the parent fails to show for the scheduled court hearing, without good cause, notice will be sent to the WV DMV and the parent’s driver’s license will be suspended.

I Received a Legal Notice, Now What?

    • Make contact, either face to face or via the telephone, with the school contact indicated on the Legal Notice within the appropriate time frame.
    • Take corrective actions to ensure that your child does not accrue additional unexcused absences. Please note unexcused absences already accrued will not be re-coded.
    • Talk with your child; ensure that they understand the importance of turning in notes. Develop a plan with them as to how they will turn in notes. This will help teach them responsibility.
    • Plan to attend the meeting indicated on the Legal Notice. This meeting will take place at the school your child attends. If you are unable to attend the pre-scheduled meeting, you must make contact with the school or county attendance worker to reschedule the meeting (contact name and number is listed on the Legal Notice). If you do not attend the meeting and do not make contact with the school or attendance worker and your child accrues 10 unexcused days absent, legal proceedings will be pursued by the Department of Attendance.
    • We take the safety of your child very seriously. We are accountable for them when they are in school. Providing a note when your child is absent from school, ensures that the child’s whereabouts is known by both the school and parent.