College Information

  • College Entrance Testing Need to register for your ACT, SAT, and more? Click here for more information.

9th Grade - Freshman Year

    • Get involved! Join clubs/organizations.
    • Explore career interests:
    • Attend a summer camp!
    • Meet with your school counselor to plan for college.

11th Grade - Junior Year

    • Visit colleges
    • Look into Dual Enrollment Opportunities
    • Take the SAT and/or ACT
    • Consider a part-time job or career shadowing.

10th Grade - Sophomore Year

    • Keep your grades up! Scholarships consider your overall GPA.
    • Look into scholarship opportunities, and begin ACT/SAT test prep.
    • Consider taking Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment Courses.
    • Look into volunteer opportunities in our community.

12th Grade - Senior Year

    • Apply to college in the Fall.
    • Consider retaking the SAT or ACT for increased scholarship opportunities.
    • Submit your FAFSA for financial aid consideration
    • Work with your high school counselor and college admissions counselor for help

SENIORS - Complete Your FAFSA!

Recruiting Information for Athletes

  • Hedgesville High School has teamed up with to provide custom online software to all student-athletes to assist in tracking their progress towards meeting NCAA initial eligibility require

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    ments. calculates core course GPA for both Division I and Division II, provides corresponding minimum SAT/ACT scores, and a detailed report of core course credits earned and needed.
    All student-athletes are encouraged to activate their FREE membership to begin tracking their core course GPA and learn more about important recruiting topics. The sooner, the better - every semester counts!
    Step 1: Go to
    Step 2: Click “Free New Member Account”
    Step 3: Enter School ID 490545
    Step 4: Enter School Code: 733188255
    Step 5: Complete Registration Form

    Core Course GPA- Parent Letter


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    Want updates, reminders, and tips to improve your NCAA core course GPA and avoid recruiting pitfalls:

    • Athletes in the Class of 2023: Text CLASS2023 to (833) 267-3472
    • Athletes in the Class of 2024: Text CLASS2024 to (833) 267-3472
    • Athletes in the Class of 2025: Text CLASS2025 to (833) 267-3472
    • Faculty and Coaches: Text STAFF to (833) to 267-3472



  provides athletes and families with free, convenient, on-demand resources to educate them on many topics critical to the recruiting process, including:*       Three rules of being a parent*       Scholarship myths and facts*       NAIA and JUCO education*       Scholarships, do they differ?*       The Name Game*       Negotiate/Cooperative Education*       Dangers of social networking/cell phones/Saving for College*       National Letter of Intent*       NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers*       Recruiting Services*       NCAA core course requirements