Berkeley County Schools

Excellence is in the AIR



 image of Superintendent Manny P. Arvon


Mr. Manny P. Arvon
Ms. Sharon Kisner, Communications Coordinator                        
Deputy Superintendents   

Mr. Don Dellinger, Secondary Instruction

Ms. Margaret Kursey, Elementary Instruction

Adult and Vocational Education 
Mr. Kenneth Pack, Director

Mrs. Linda Watring, Secretary         

Communications Department 

Ms. Elaine Bobo,  Director, Communications
            Ms. Phoebe Brent, Coordinator/Graphic Artist/Executive Secretary
            Mrs. Sharon Kisner, Coordinator/Graphic Artist/Executive Secretary
            Mr. Charlie Johnson, Print Shop Foreman/Coordinator
            Ms. Chelle Marpole, Printing Technician
            Ms. Tabitha Porterfield, Digital Communications/Web Management Coordinator

Curriculum and Instruction 

Mr. Ernest Dotson, Middle School Instructional Specialist

Ms. Sharon Dove, Instructional Technology Assistant Director

Ms. Christi Heaton, Academic Support Coordinator  

Ms. Beverly Hoffmaster, Elementary School Instructional Specialist  

Ms. Joyce Hobbs, High School Instructional Specialist  

Mr. Fred Jacobs, Special Education Instructional Programs Specialist
Ms. Ann Laskey, Math Instructional Specialist
Ms. Robyn Lopez, Director, Assessment and Accountability and
Intermediate School Instructional Specialist
Ms. Linda Clarke, Executive Secretary  

Ms. Linda Watring, Secretary  


Mr. Don Mitchell, Executive Director  

Ms. Susan Starliper, Secretary
Federal Programs
Ms. Melissa Hollen, Director

Ms. Betty Anne Powell, Assistant Director

Ms. Sharon Collins, Title 1 Special Education Specialist
Ms. Stephanie N. Brooks, Accountant


Mr. James V. Butts, CPA, Treasurer/Chief Business Official 
Mr. Bradley Sponaugle, CPA, MBA, Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Sue Bowers, Accountant  

Ms. Lisa Cloonan, Accountant  

Ms. Chris Effland, Accountant  

Ms. Glenda Miller, Secretary/Coordinator

Mr. Charles Hayslette, Accountant
Ms. Deborah Walker, Accountant  

Human Resources 

Dr. Justin Schooley, Associate Superintendent  

Ms. Amy Loring, Staffing/Employee Relations Director

Ms. Karen Hensell, Human Resources Coordinator/Accountant
Ms. Vickie McLaughlin, Executive Secretary       

Legal Services 

Ms. Laura Sutton, Assistant Superintendent/General Counsel     

Pre-K Programs

           Ms. Michelle Martin, Director


                  Ms. Mary Maroney, Special Education Coordinator
                  Ms. Jennifer Dieter, Secretary
Pupil Services 

Mr. Ron Stephens, Assistant Superintendent  

Dr. Veronique Walker, Director of Diversity and Student Support Services  
Ms. Elice Gregory, Coordinator, Student Support Services
Mr. Ken Beale, Attendance Worker       
Ms. Devon Pearrell, Attendance Worker
Ms. Kelly Piepenbrink, Attendance Worker

Ms. Audrey Munyan, Attendance Worker
Mr. David Marchette, Director

Ms. Wendy Cox, ETAP

Research and Technology 

Mr. David Kenney, Director


Ms. Sharon Dove, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology

Mr. Daris Albright, Technology Coordinator
Mr. William Aliveto, Technology Systems Specialist
Ms. Leah Bass, Technology Coordinator
Mr. Jeff Hanson, Technology Coordinator

Mr. Fred Markley, Electrician

Mr. David Moore, Technology Systems Specialist
Mr. Logan Smailes, Technology Systems Specialist


School Nutrition  

Ms. Tracy Heck, Director
        Ms. Cara Harding, Coordinator Nutrition/Wellness
        Mr. Lewis Harden, Systems Coordinator 
             Ms. Kimberly Hutzler, Secretary  

Ms. Robin Mullins, Secretary

Ms. Laura Riggs, Secretary


Special Education 

Mr. Rick Deuell, Interim Executive Director


         Mr. Glenn Hollen, Jr., Director of General Education Transportation Services
         Mr. Eric Keesecker, Director of Special Education Transportation Services
         Mr. L. Brian Potts, Assistant Director 
         Mr. Robert Ruqus, Technology Systems Specialist
                  Ms. Donna Miller, Executive Secretary
                  Ms. Leslie Davy, Secretary
              Mr. Michael Bodin, Specialist