• Spelling City

    Spelling City

    A link to Spelling City, with our words to practice.

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  • Guidelines


    The Spelling Contracts are due every Friday. There are 5 point assignments and 10 point assignments on each page. Students are given the option to choose which assignments he/she would like to complete. As long as the points equal to at least 20points, students won't have to continue completing assignments for the week.
    Students have a designated Spelling folder that assignments should be in WITH the Spelling Contract for the week. This shows me which assignments have been completed along with seeing if there was any parent signatures on the contract.
    These folders will be turned in on Friday and graded over the weekend to be returned on Mondays.

    When the folder is turned in on Friday and it has all 20 points worth of assignments, the Spelling Contract paper is in the folder, and is completed correctly, students will receive 20 points on Engrade. If the folder is not turned in on Friday, students may bring it on Monday for half credit. After Monday, the assignment will no longer be accepted.

    Each paper should have a correct heading including: Name, Date, and Title of Assignment. Students were shown how to label their papers for the first few weeks of class.

    If you click on the blue Guidelines title, you are able to open the document attached to see all of our spelling contracts. These are printed weekly for your child, but if he/she loses it, you may print one from here.

    Students that do not complete the homework will not have it affect their grade, students that do complete it, will have positive points for this assignment. I believe that completing homework will only help your child's learning and practice for school.

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