• Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Here is a calendar for the homework due the month of May. FIRST GRADE IS STARTING AN AT HOME READING PROGRAM. WE ARE ASKING THAT YOUR CHILD READ THE WEEKLY STORY EVERY NIGHT AND ANSWER SOME BASIC QUESTIONS ABOUT THE STORY. PLEASE KEEP THE QUESTION SHEET AND USE WITH EACH STORY. PLEASE RETURN THE READING BOOK EACH DAY. Please use the Spelling Contract to complete spelling homework. The contract states that your child can choose any three activities from the list. For the Spelling City website, I have a list for the spelling words and a list for the vocabulary words under Mrs. Recher’s Bears Spelling or Mrs. Recher’s Vocabulary lists. You will need to go to List Management, import list button, click my list and then click import. You can then play the games listed and they will be with those specific words.   The Math Home links will be included in the folder, one for each lesson we cover this week. Any questions, please contact me via email at mrecher@k12.wv.us, text me or call the school at 304-274-2291 and leave me a message. ,


    May 2018







    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book


    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book



    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book





    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book


    No School

    Memorial Day


    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book



    Spelling Contract Item


    Read Fly Guy story in book





    Return homework folder to school.

    Spelling Test


    Bear’s Spelling Words

    sad, sadly, slow, slowly, dust, dusty, trick, tricky, help, helpful

    Sight Words (new words are in bold print)

    and, you, be, play, help, with, for, he, what, look, have, too, no, funny, find, they, do, sing, all, me, does, my, here, who, friend, hold, full, many, good, pull, away, every, call, hear, come, said, animal, of, how, some, make, why, her, she, now, today, our, would, after, read, draw, was, pictures, write, eat, give, one, put, small, take, water, little, their, far, live, blue, where, cold, brown, own, very, off, never, know, out, been, down, fall, goes, grow, yellow, green, new, open, two, into, three, starts, over, four, five, watch, bird, fly, both, long, eyes, or, those, walk, think, bring, before, light, because, carry, show, around, about, don’t, maybe, by, sure, could, car, there, first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your, work, great, talk, paper, were, soon, laugh, done, door, try, more, use, mother, want, old, wash, few, shall, loudly, night, story, window, noise, world, baby, learning, begins, until, eight, years, follow, young, house, along, together, boy, father, again, nothing, began, ready, country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warms, city, myself, school, party, seven, buy, please, family, above, studied, bear, surprised, even, teacher, pushed, toward, second, ball, across, head, heard, large, cried, should, caught, took, listen, thought, minute, beautiful, idea, friendship



    Dear Parents,

    Please use these question ideas when talking to your child after you have read the weekly story. A suggestion would be to ask two questions per night and keep changing the questions throughout the week. Please return the reading book every day as we also read the story several times a day in class. This activity is a verbal discussion with your child. No paperwork is expected to be returned. Any questions, please contact me. Thanks, Mrs. Recher



    1) What is the setting of the story? (Where and When- time of day, past/present/future/, time of year, day of week) not all the questions can be answered with every story 2) Who are the characters? The main characters? 3) What happened in the beginning of the story? The middle? The end? 4) What is the main idea? 5) What do you think will happen next? Why? 6) What is the problem? 7) If you could be one of the characters who would be and why? 8) If your family was in the story, what character would each member be? Why?