Referring A New Student to Project AWARE & East Ridge School-Based Therapy Services

  • For Project Aware consideration, please have families complete the 6 page EastRidge application and return to school counselor.

    Scan the 6 page application and email to the following individuals:

    School official (teacher, attendance worker, nurse, etc.) making the referral needs to go online at BCS website and complete the PA referral.

    The ER therapist will make the next contact with either the family or student to schedule an intake assessment. (A school needs 3 completed referrals before ER will begin therapy.)

    If appropriate, services will be initiated. If therapy is not needed, the referral will be returned to the referral agent or school counselor and other tier supports can be utilized.

2018 Project Aware Referral Form

Free School-Based Therapy Through Project Aware

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