• History of PLC
     In 2011, Musselman High School extended its original structure with an addition that holds 25 new classrooms. Our principal, Holly Kleppner, led a program to bring a cooperative learning vision to this new building and focus on our 9th grade students. After years of research on creating PLCs and visits neighboring states, our 9th Grade building has become the foundation from which our Musselman students receive our high expectations for school involvement and academic success.
    Twenty-five 9th grade teachers were invited to move into this new building to create a Professional Learning Community (PLC). These teachers meet regularly to discuss student progress, make plans for continued student engagement, and to encourage and instill the traditions and culture of Musselman High School.
    The mission of the 9th Grade PLC includes:
    - Encouraging and maintaining positive school culture.
    - Instilling commitment to graduation.
    - Establishing organizational skills.
    - Fostering positive communication skills in an ever-changing social and technological culture.
    - Strengthening and encouraging the traditions of Musselman High School.
    We are also dedicated to the vision of Berkeley County School’s Mission of AIR:
    - Accountability
    - Integrity
    - Respect
    Since the 9th Grade PLC was built, the graduation rate of Musselman High School has increased every year. The number of successful 9th Graders moving into the 10th Grade in their first year has grown every year.  In the first 5 years of the PLC- the Freshman failure rate dropped from 29.8% in 2010-11 to 2.2% in 2015-16.  If you have a student joining Musselman High School, be assured that your student will be receiving a balanced, rigorous, and thoughtful education from a group of talented educational professionals.