• The committee annually holds a strategic planning session to evaluate goal achievement and future objectives. Among objectives identified are:

    1. Both partners should understand that the main goal is the enrichment and support of the educational environment of the students.
    2. The business and the school must be committed to involvement in an ongoing partnership.This means a philosophical continuing commitment as well as a commitment of resources.
    3. Each partnership should be autonomous and free to develop projects based on identified needs and resources. The partnership is limited only by imagination.
    4. Eachindividual school and business is responsible for the success of its own partnership program. The support structure and organization provided by the school principal and staff, as well as employees of the business will allow effectivedevelopment and enhancement of the partnership.
    5. Partnership program participation should include faculty, students, and parents, as well as all levels of the business partner’s employees – everyone has something to offer and can gain from participation. The outcome:
        • Increased faculty and partner involvement programs.
        • Enhanced curriculum materials through collaboration.
        • Programs aimed at improving the students’ basic life skills.
        • Realistic understanding of the businesses’ strengths and limitations, as well as the resources and limitations of the school.
    1. Business Partners should be open to identifying and soliciting the help of other community resources that can provide special assistance.
    2. Once made, the partnership linkage should be for one year and reaffirmed each following year.


  • 1. To provide networking opportunities between the partnership members and Berkeley County Schools.

    2. To mentor students in their area of career interests both in and outside of the classroom.

    3. To provide a forum for students and teachers to learn businesses best practices and how these were formulated.

Last Modified on January 8, 2018